Superman Special #4 - Supergirl (The Adventures of Supergirl, The Last Children of Krypton)

October 25, 2016

It's our fourth Superman Special! Supergirl has moved networks for its sophomore season, coming home to The CW where it probably always belonged and going all out by featuring Superman himself in its premiere episodes! No longer a shadowy stunt double or a far away CGI special effect, the Man of Steel has a new face on television: Tyler Hoechlin. Zach is again joined by Craig Byrne, webmaster of Kryptonsite and K-SiteTV, to discuss this monumental occasion, what we thought of the latest incarnation of Superman, and the expansion of the Supergirl universe as a whole.

Kryptonsite has always been the hub of Smallville fandom, so if you've never heard of it or just haven't been in a while I highly recommend checking out both it and its sister site KSiteTV which covers all genre television currently on the air!

This podcast contains SPOILERS. You've been warned!

Zach's Grade: A+
Craig's Grade: A+



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