Episode 41 - 2×20 Witness

May 24, 2017

This week Zach is again joined by Nancy Petru to discuss the forty first episode of Smallville, "Witness." We get Nancy's perspective on the previous episode "Precipice," point out how much of a jerk Superman can be, discuss the logistics of running a high school newspaper, and with this being the second part of our Home Improvment two-pack, compare Zachery Ty Bryan's turn here to Jonathan Taylor Thomas' guest spot in "Dichotic." Go full Warboy and "Witness!" the latest Always Hold On To Smallville!


Zach's Grade: A-
Nancy's Grade: B-
IMDB Grade: 7.9
Superman Homepage Grade: 2/5
Bechdel Test: FAIL

Amazing Technicolor Kryptonite: 2
Amnesia Count: 13
Blue Shirt/Red Jacket: 8
Clark Loses His Powers: 2
Episode Title Said In Episode: 14
Hospital Visits: 26
In Media Res: 1
Kent Truck Accidents: 6
KOs to Keep Clark's Secret: 14
Main Character Deaths: 2
Mind Control Count: 8
Movie Plot As An Episode: 1
Product Placement Pete: 2
Smallville High School Faculty Deaths: 3
Smallville High School Student Deaths: 6
Under The Influence: 11
Weddings: 1

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