Episode 34 - 2×13 Suspect

December 25, 2016

This week Zach is joined Tony Black to discuss the thirty fourth episode of Smallville, "Suspect." Tony is the host of our "sister podcast" The X-Cast, which does the same thing for The X-Files that we do for Smallville. We discuss Tony's background with Smallville, episodic versus serilized television, the wasted character of Henry Small, and much more! Plus, Tony recounts how he and fellow friend of the podcast Matt Latham recently met Allison Mack at a comic con! There's more than one point of view in this episode of Always Hold On To Smallville!

Check out The X-Cast, of which I'm a semi-regualr guest, here!
The X-Cast: http://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/xfcast

Zach's Grade: B+
Tony's Grade: B
IMDB Grade: 8.3
Superman Homepage Grade: 3.5/5 
Bechdel Test: FAIL

Amazing Technicolor Kryptonite: 1
Amnesia Count: 11
Blue Shirt/Red Jacket: 5
Clark Loses His Powers: 1
Episode Title Said In Episode: 11
Hospital Visits: 18
In Media Res: 1
Kent Truck Accidents: 5
KOs to Keep Clark's Secret: 12
Mind Control Count: 8
Product Placement Pete: 1
Smallville High School Faculty Deaths: 3
Smallville High School Student Deaths: 5
Under The Influence: 7
Weddings: 1

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