Episode 31 - 2×10 Skinwalker

November 30, 2016

This week Zach is again joined by Lance Laster to discuss the thirty first episode of Smallville, "Skinwalker." This is an extremely important episode in the mythology Smallville as it introduces the Kawatche caves which go on to play a HUGE role in the series moving forward. We talk Ancient Aliens, the implications of Kryptonians and Kryptonite being on Earth before Clark, favorite movie quotes we like to use as often as possible in real life, and much more. We also take a few minutes to discuss the Dakota Access Pipeline, a social injustice close to my heart and a controversy which has parallels to this episode that are too strong to ignore.

For more information about the Dakota Access Pipeline, we highly recommend The Young Turks' coverage here:

To listen to Zach talk about werewolves on The X-Cast, check out their podcast on "Shapes" here:
The X-Cast: https://www.acast.com/thexcast/file19-shapes

Zach's Grade: C+
Lance's Grade: C+
IMDB Grade: 8.4
Superman Homepage Grade: 2/5 
Bechdel Test: FAIL

Amazing Technicolor Kryptonite: 1
Amnesia Count: 11
Blue Shirt/Red Jacket: 3
Clark Loses His Powers: 1
Episode Title Said In Episode: 10
Hospital Visits: 16
In Media Res: 1
Kent Truck Accidents: 5
KOs to Keep Clark's Secret: 11
Mind Control Count: 8
Product Placement Pete: 1
Smallville High School Faculty Deaths: 3
Smallville High School Student Deaths: 4
Under The Influence: 7
Weddings: 1

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